Safety Tips

safety-firstAs a service to our customers, Mule Security Systems, Inc. offers the following safety tips for the protection of your home or business:

  • – Keep your home or office exterior brightly lit at night. Replace burned-out exterior lights immediately.
  • – Lock windows and outside doors whenever they are closed.
  • – Secure sliding glass doors with a dowel in the inside track.
  • – Never hide a key outside your business or residence.
  • – Prune shrubs to keep them from concealing doors or windows.
  • – When traveling, use timers to turn on lights at night and do not allow mail or newspapers to accumulate.
  • – Arm your security system at night and every time you leave your home or office.
  • – Don’t be predictable with the patterns you establish when leaving or returning to your home or business.
  • – Get to know your neighbors and be alert for suspicious activity. Join a neighborhood watch group if available.
  • – Avoid keeping large amounts of cash on hand — at your office or your home.