Security Q & A

Looking for more information regarding the use of your system?  Mule Security Systems answers many of the most frequently asked questions regarding security, fire and monitoring systems and how to utilize them best to protect your interests. 

Q: I’m concerned about giving out our 4-digit security code and haven’t been using the alarm system as much as I should. Who should I entrust with the code?

A: Although entrusting someone with information about your security system is discretionary, most experts advise that you only provide the 4-digit security code with people you trust.  For example, a family member or close friend who is a house guest or a child care provider that you trust implicitly.  It is not recommended that you give the code to service people who may be accessing your home during the day in your absence.  In those instances, provide a key but do not give instructions on the system.

Q: Can I be reached while on vacation if something happens at my home?

A: Mule Security allows clients to make temporary changes to their emergency call list in order to accommodate travel.  You can modify your call list so that a close friend or relative is notified who can in turn notify you or you may provide your vacation information.  In either case, you will be able to find out if anything has happened in your absence.

Q: Can I receive reports of the activity occurring at my home or business?

A: Systems can be programmed to send signals directly to our receiver when the system is armed and disarmed.  Reports can be mailed, faxed, or emailed.

Q: Will someone work with me to determine what security features my building will need without overselling me?

A: Definitely.  At Mule Security, we strive to develop a security solution that meets your specific needs within your budget.  An experienced sales rep will meet with you for a no-cost evaluation of your security needs and can make recommendations of what options would be appropriate.